Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Resolution

New 2015 year has arrived bringing new plans, goals and ideas.

My sweetheart and I have been sharing many activities and hobbies together during last 9 years, but hiking has always been our most favorite.

The purpose of this blog is to journal about our adventures, learn from the vivid long term hikers, and share our own experience. We are always in a search of new hikes and paths.

One of the wonderful gifts that Santa brought to Jim last Christmas was a book "America's Great Hiking Trails" by Karen Berger. The book that gave a start to a new big dream - to complete a hike that takes more than a day (to start with...).

The book "America's Great Hiking Trails" by Karen Berger describes 11 America's best hiking trails. The longest, North Country Trail, is approximately 4,600 miles. The longest hike that we accomplished was only 20 miles. Even though we won't be able to start and finish the adventure as North Country Trail due to some life circumstances (not excuses), we want to dream big and may be somewhere when we are 108 years old and free of all obligations, we will sell everything and start our journey across America!

For now we are pleased to hike locally and prepare ourselves for long distance hikes in future, such as:

The Continental Divide Trail, approx. 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada.

The Pasific Crest Trail, approx. 2,700 miles from Mexico to Canada.

The Potomac Heritage Trail, approx. 800 miles from Virginia to Pennsylvania.

Dream big and happy hiking!

Jim and Natalia

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